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Q: Do you have any brick and mortar shops?

A: No. I dye at home and sell on this web shop. I vend at yarn shows very rarely. I will announce if there is any upcoming event I vend at on this website, Instagram or newsletters.


Q: I purchased some yarn but haven't received any confirmation e-mail. Is it what it's supposed to be?

A: My shop send automated order confirmation e-mails and shipping notification. It's likely that those e-mails went into your spam folder. Please check your spam folder, and contact me via Contact Form or e-mail (info(atmark - please replace with @) after adding my domain, to your safe list.


Q: Do you offer yarn winding service?

A: No. As I do everything on my own, I don' have capacity to offer winding service. My yarn will be shipped in hank.


Q: Is your wool mulesing-free? Where do you source your wool from?

A: All wool I use are ethically sourced from South America and museling-free.


Q: I changed my mind after I received my order/ the color of the yarn look slightly different in my monitor and in real. May I return the item for exchange or refund?

A: I'm sorry but I cannot accept return or exchange unless there is a problem in yarn or in case the wrong yarn was shipped. (Colors may look different according to the monitor, lighting and environment, so I cannot accept return for the reason of the actual yarn look slightly different than in picture.)


Q: The wrong yarn arrived, or there is some problem in the yarn. Do you accept exchange or return?

A: Of course yes! I try my best to ship correct yarn and make sure the quality of the yarn/color is exceptional, but if there is any problem in your order or yarn, I will exchange the yarn without any additional shipping fee. If the same item is not available and/or I cannot dye the same yarn, I will refund. Please contact me via Contact Form or email (info(atmark - please replace with @) within 14 days upon receipt of the item.


Q: I want to knit/crochet large project such as sweater but the current stock is not enough. Do you take dyed-to-order sweater quantity?

A: I'm happy to dye sweater quantity for more than 4 skeins per same yarn/colorway, and my capacity allows. Please do not hesitate to contact me via Contact Form or email (info(atmark - please replace with @) 


Q: Is there any incurring const other than the price listed on the item page?

A: Yes. There will be shipping fee which varies depending on the country/area you live in. Please check the Shipping tab on the item page. If you live outside of Japan, there may be custom tax incurring and I don't have any control over the custom, or can tell if it incurs. Please be aware that you are responsible for the custom tax, and I cannot pay or refund it.