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Custom duty for international orders

There may be incurring custom duty (tax) on your packages regulated by your country.

Mythica Fibers have no control over it, nor can predict if and how much the incurring tax is. I don't receive any money from it either.

Please know if and how much the expected custom duty is, and pay it if one incurrs. I am not responsible or don't refund for the tax you paid.

You are presumed to have been aware of and have agreed on this if you place an order from my shop.


In the past I stopped selling to those areas and countries where there were to many cases the customers refused to receive the packages because of the expensive tax, complaint to me and requested the cancellation and refund. It was something my small business could afford financially, nor I could handle the mental damage.

I cannot accept order cancellation, refusal to receive the package or refund because of incurred custom duty.